In this contemporary song, the composer, Jeff Marder, imagines Miriam's thoughts and feelings standing before the sea moments before the waters part allowing the Jewish people to cross from slavery into freedom.  Click on the white triangle to play.

Join us in singing these words from Psalm 98: 

Yiram a'yam u'me'lo-oh

Tevel v'yoshvei vah 

Neharot yimcha-u chaf

Yachad harim yeranenu

Let the sea roar,  the world, and all its inhabitants.

Let the waters clap their hands

let the mountains sing for joy together.

Click the white triangle to play.

Zemer Chai 

Founded by conductor Eleanor Epstein in 1976, Zemer Chai today is one of the nation’s leading Jewish choirs.Zemer Chai has performed at the White House, Library of Congress, Strathmore and the Kennedy Center.Throughout the growth and evolution of this Washington choral institution, the original mission of Zemer Chai remains strong: to share the rich heritage of the Jewish people through its poetry and music.

About the Kennedy Center 

The Kennedy Center, located on the banks of the Potomac River near the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C., opened to the public in September 1971. The Center's presence has enabled Washington to become an international stage, hosting the American debuts of the Bolshoi Opera and the Ballet Nacional de Cuba, as well as the first-ever U.S. performances by Italy's legendary La Scala opera company.

Click the link below to listen my performance at the Kennedy Center with Zemer Chai.